Our Story

MyFindz was born out of our passion for travel, art and for giving back to society.
We are passionate about designing and love playing with fusion of embroidery, jewelry, stones, fabric, colors and aesthetics. Every time we traveled to a new place, we came across unique art inherent to that place/region. Through MyFindz we want to bring you piece of art from a part of the world by working with artist communities who have kept alive generations of traditions steeped in heritage and skill.  We want to bring you the undiscovered that we all need to see, appreciate and nurture.
Our goal is to work with these artisans and help them secure long-term work that brings dignity, empowerment and enrichment to their communities. We strive to work directly with artisans or with businesses who work with artisans
By buying from us you are not only buying a piece of art from a unique and different part of the world but also helping to enable and empower the artisans/designers who created it.



Every travel season brings an air of excitement and purpose as we discover new treasures on our journeys. We are expanding our product offerings and the communities.

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